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Getting to Signature Moments with Microinteractions

Four strategies to add microinteraction details to your product

Microinteractions are the small pieces of functionality that are inside or around features. They are brief, single use-case moments. Turning off the ringer on your phone is one example. While no one buys a phone for the ability to turn the ringer off, the ability to do that—and do it easily and enjoyably—make a huge difference to the overall user experience. Microinteractions are the “feel” half of “look and feel.” If you care about user experience, you should care about microinteractions. Refined microinteractions lead to a refined product.

For some people, particularly those working on large products like Facebook, microinteractions are a daily activity, but for many people one of the biggest challenges to designing microinteractions is convincing clients, product managers, and business stakeholders that they’re worth spending time on. How do you steal some time away to really make sure your product is polished? Here are some strategies.
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