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Commerce Weekly: Small banks lagging in mobile

Small banks struggle with mobile and a look inside Netflix' data.

As banking goes mobile, smaller banks must find a way to keep up. Also, Netflix data is deconstructed at the Strata Conference, and commerce-related highlights from the Mobile World Congress.

ePayments Week: Customers still wary of mobile payments

Mobile payment companies have an adoption issue, and a new batch of iPhone 5 payment rumors.

Consumer Reports says only 5% use mobile payments, and they better be darned careful about how they do. Also, an infographic shows the uptake in mobile banking, and we've got new reports from the rumor mill about Apple tapping PayPal for iPhone 5.

ePayments Week: Mobile payments target the point-of-sale

Google offers NFC stickers, Square branches out, banks improve transfers.

Google offers NFC stickers in the first phase of its Wallet program, while Square reaches beyond merchants with a customer-friendly app. Also, major US banks take a cue from PayPal and finally make it easy to send money.

ePayments Week: Who will deliver swipe-and-pay first?

Isis invites everyone into its NFC effort, rumors swirl around Apple retail, and mobile banking is on a tear.

Isis' CEO opens the doors to its NFC effort, while a stealth project at Apple's retail stores makes some wonder if it will leap ahead of other NFC players. Also, mobile banking is on a tear, especially where it's the first option for the unbanked.

ePayments Week: Can check-in services prove their value?

Teens yawn at check-ins, how the Skype deal helps Facebook, and thoughts on payment systems set free.

A recent survey questions whether the teen market has any interest in check-ins. Also, Facebook gets access to Skype through its investor Microsoft, and some thoughts on taking Facebook Credits and Apple's payment system beyond their walled gardens.

ePayments Week: What does the attention around tracking mean?

What do mobile users want in return for their location data?

The iPhone location story helped some mobile users understand that their phones know where they are. What will it mean for the carriers and services that use that data? Plus: Google and Facebook get into the deals business and mobile banking evolves.

Four short links: 29 March 2011

Four short links: 29 March 2011

Mobile Money, Materials Magic, Minimising Multiples, and Making Motion

  1. Serve — American Express mobile payments play. Money on mobiles is a huge potential, look for others to bang around here before the right answer is found. (via Mike Olson)
  2. Move Mayonnaise and Ketchup (YouTube) — I don’t know why you’d want to move mayonnaise and ketchup intact, but this is the machine for it. (via Russell Brown)
  3. Duplicates Detection with ElasticSearch (Andre Zmievski) — duplicate detection (or de-duping) is one of the most unappreciated problems that the developers of certain types of applications face sooner or later. The applications I’m talking about share two main characteristics: item collection and some sort of social aspect.
  4. Ceaser — tool for making CSS easing animations. (via Josh Clark)

ePayments Week: More Androids banking

More people are banking with Android devices, though some don't trust mobile banking at all.

As the number of Android users swells past iPhone users, so too does the number of Google-based mobile bankers. Meanwhile, most Britons prefer the ATM over the mobile, and Square drops its transaction fee.