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Mobile participatory budgeting helps raise tax revenues in Congo

The World Bank found the ROI in open government through civic participation and mobile phones.

In a world awash in data, connected by social networks and focused on the next big thing, stories about genuine innovation get buried behind the newest shiny app or global development initiative. For billions of people around the world, the reality is that inequality in resources, access to education or clean water, or functional local government remain serious concerns.

South Kivu, located near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been devastated by the wars that have ravaged the region over the past decade.

Despite that grim context, a pilot program has born unexpected fruit. Mobile technology, civic participation, smarter governance and systems thinking combined to not only give citizens more of a voice in their government but have increased tax revenues as well. Sometimes, positive change happens where one might reasonably least expect it. The video below tells the story. After the jump, World Bank experts talk about story behind the story.

“Beyond creating a more inclusive environment, the beauty of the project in South Kivu is that citizen participation translates into demonstrated and measurable results on mobilizing more public funds for services for the poor,” said Boris Weber, team leader for ICT4Gov at the World Bank Institute for Open Government

, in an interview in Washington. “This makes a strong case when we ask ourselves where the return of investment of open government approaches is.”

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"The President of the United States is on the phone. Would you like to Hangout on Google+?"

Can a Google+ Hangout bring the president closer to the citizens he serves?

President Obama will join the first presidential Hangout on Google+ on January 30, 2012, as part of the White House's commitment "to creating a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration."

Keeping Safari Books on top

Andrew Savikas on how Safari Books is evolving to meet customers' needs.

Safari Books Online CEO Andrew Savikas talks about Safari Books' success and how it's incorporating mobile technologies into its business model.

Smartphones and spheres of influence

Tyler Bell on how smartphones expand our influence to people and places.

As a part of an ongoing series looking at mobile disruption, Tyler Bell offers his take on how smartphones can be harnessed individually and collectively.

Open government data to fuel Kenya's app economy

The launch of Open Kenya suggests government as a platform is growing.

The government of Kenya has launched Open Kenya, an open data platform, and it's looking to the country's dynamic development community to make useful applications for its citizens.

People don't need faster horses

Joe Wikert on creating mobile experiences that surpass expectations.

As a part of an ongoing series looking at mobile disruption, Joe Wikert talks about how mobile, specifically econtent, can offer consumers something more than what they've previously experienced.