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Amazon's "Prime" challenger to the iPad

Why Amazon's Kindle tablet can succeed where others have failed.

While conventional wisdom says that to compete with the iPad you must emulate Apple's best practices, Mark Sigal argues that Amazon can do just fine by blazing its own trail.

Ruminations on the legacy of Steve Jobs

PC, mobile, music, film, post-pc: Steve Jobs played an important part in disrupting them all.

Apple, under Steve Jobs, has always had an unrelenting zeal to bring the consumer — and humanity — back to the center of the ring. Here, Mark Sigal argues that it’s this pursuit of humanity that may actually be Jobs’ greatest innovation.

Smartphones and spheres of influence

Tyler Bell on how smartphones expand our influence to people and places.

As a part of an ongoing series looking at mobile disruption, Tyler Bell offers his take on how smartphones can be harnessed individually and collectively.

Is the enterprise dead as a tablet strategy?

Conventional wisdom about the "consumerization of IT" is missing the big picture.

A confluence of factors, most notably the crash of the dotcom bubble and the rise of Apple, led to the consumerization of IT. But Mark Sigal says tablet makers are missing a golden opportunity by ignoring the enterprise.