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Mobile participatory budgeting helps raise tax revenues in Congo

The World Bank found the ROI in open government through civic participation and mobile phones.

In a world awash in data, connected by social networks and focused on the next big thing, stories about genuine innovation get buried behind the newest shiny app or global development initiative. For billions of people around the world, the reality is that inequality in resources, access to education or clean water, or functional local government remain serious concerns. South…
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Strata Week: A step toward personal data control

Strata Week: A step toward personal data control

Singly believes your data tells your story, news orgs debate word clouds, and Mary Meeker looks at the latest Internet trends.

Data democratization takes a step forward with Singly 1.0, The New York Times and The Guardian debate the finer points of word clouds, and Mary Meeker presents her annual report on Internet trends.

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