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Four short links: 8 June 2012

Four short links: 8 June 2012

Speedy Proxy, SPDY Reviewed, MySQL Automation, and LinkedIn Checker

  1. HAproxy — high availability proxy, cf Varnish.
  2. Opera Reviews SPDY — thoughts on the high-performance HTTP++ from a team with experience implementing their own protocols. Section 2 makes a good intro to the features of SPDY if you’ve not been keeping up.
  3. Jetpants — Tumblr’s automation toolkit for handling monstrously large MySQL database topologies. (via Hacker News)
  4. LeakedIn — check if your LinkedIn password was leaked. Chris Shiflett had this site up before LinkedIn had publicly admitted the leak.

MySQL in 2012: Report from Percona Live

Checking in on the state of MySQL.

Contrasting deployments at craigslit and Pinterest, trends, commercial offerings, and more

Four short links: 20 December 2011

Four short links: 20 December 2011

Maximum MySQL, Digital News, Unbiased Mining, and Congressional Clue

  1. How Twitter Stores 250M Tweets a Day Using MySQL (High Scalability) — notes from a talk at the MySQL conference on how Twitter built a high-volume MySQL store.
  2. How The Atlantic Got Profitable With Digital First (Mashable) — Lauf says his team has focused on putting together premium advertising experiences that span print, digital, events and (increasingly) mobile.
  3. Data Mining Without Prejudice — an attempt to measure fit without pre-favouring one type of curve over another.
  4. It Is No Longer OK Not To Know How Congress Works (Clay Johnson) — looking for a specific innovation to try and change the way Washington works by the time Congress votes on SOPA is about as foolish as Steve Jobs trying to diet his way out of having pancreatic cancer.

Developer Week in Review: Lion drops pre-installed MySQL

MySQL is missing from Lion Server, and Apple gets a slap on the wrist from South Korea.

A pre-installed version of MySQL is noticeably absent from Lion Server, South Korea penalizes Apple for the location brouhaha, and Java 7's compiler injects a bit of randomness into software development.

Percona's mini-conferences target the evolution of MySQL

Percona's goal is to bring MySQL expertise out of the Silicon Valley and build community around MySQL in many locations.

Percona’s mini-conferences target the evolution of MySQL

Percona's goal is to bring MySQL expertise out of the Silicon Valley and build community around MySQL in many locations.

Wrap-up of 2011 MySQL Conference

Key themes from MySQL 2011. Plus, what you sacrifice when you use a NoSQL solution.

Two dominant themes emerged at MySQL 2011: Mix your relational database with less formal solutions and move to the cloud. This may actually be the best environment MySQL has ever enjoyed.

Brian Aker explains Memcached

Memcached lets your servers spend time on the important stuff.

Memcached is one of the linchpin technologies that holds the modern Internet together, but do you know what it actually does? Brian Aker offers a peek under the hood.

Improving healthcare in Zambia with CouchDB

CouchDB proves a good fit for a project with technical limits.

A new project in Zambia is trying to integrate supervisors, clinics, and community healthcare workers into a system that can improve patient service and provide more data. In this interview, Cory Zue explains how CouchDB is playing a role.

Strata Gems: Turn MySQL into blazing fast NoSQL

Bypass the SQL parser to use MySQL's raw speed

The HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL bypasses the query parser to deliver excellent NoSQL performance, rivaling that of memcache.