Device update: The latest multifunction innovations

News on HTC Desire Z, enTourage eDGe and Dell's Convertible Duo.

Illustrating how quickly manufacturers are innovating, we look at new multifunction devices from HTC, Entourage, and Dell.

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iPad falls short on cloud integration

iPad falls short on cloud integration

Complicated iPad synchronization reveals a missed opportunity

The iPad is an amazing piece of hardware, but it’s still a 1.0 device. At the top of the “to be improved list” should be a simple mechanism for synchronization and cloud access. The iPad and the iPhone are perfect smart terminals for cloud computing. At some level Apple knows this, as it was pushing a MobileMe discount with iPads this weekend. But when you get your hands on an iPad, you realize that Apple missed a real opportunity for deep integration with its cloud offerings.

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A Prism for Jolicloud: Web-Centric Desktop Apps

I recently bought a netbook and installed Jolicloud, a Linux/Ubuntu distro designed as a replacement for, or companion to, Windows. Jolicloud was a revelation, something fresh and new in the seemingly snail-paced world of desktop computing. The bold idea of Jolicloud is that the browser is the operating system. It's all you need and you don't need to even think…

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