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U.S. Senate to consider long overdue reforms on electronic privacy

The silver lining in the role of cloud-based email in the CIA Director's resignation is a renewed focus on digital privacy.

In 2010, electronic privacy needed digital due process. In 2012, it’s worth defending your vanishing rights online. This week, there’s an important issue before Washington that affects everyone who sends email, stores files in Dropbox or sends private messages on social media. In January, O’Reilly Media went dark in opposition to anti-piracy bills. Personally, I believe our…
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Passage of CISPA in the U.S. House highlights need for viable cybersecurity legislation

Cybersecurity bills must balance protection with online privacy and civil liberties.

The passage of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives has raised grave concerns about is potential effect on digital privacy and civil liberties.

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FTC calls on Congress to enact baseline privacy legislation and more transparency of data brokers

Ed Felten has launched a new blog to explain tech to citizens and engage the technology community.

The FTC's consumer privacy report recommends Congress pass a strong consumer privacy law that provides rules of the road for entities that deal with sensitive data. FTC technologist Ed Felten offered common sense privacy guidance for startups and entrepreneurs.

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At the eG8, 20th century ideas clashed with the 21st century economy

At the eG8, 20th century ideas clashed with the 21st century economy

The eG8 shows online innovation and freedom of expression still need strong defenders.

While the first eG8 Forum in Paris featured hundreds of business and digital luminaries, some of the policies discussed should be of serious concern to entrepreneurs, activists, media and citizens around the world.

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Apple iTunes gifts users with a privacy hole

Apple iTunes gifts users with a privacy hole

An iTunes privacy issue uncovered by Andrew McAfee highlights the need for better privacy by design.

The Apple iTunes gift function comes with a privacy issue: whoever is making the gift can see if the recipient already owns a song, video or app. The mechanism illustrates why privacy needs to be baked into electronic commerce from the beginning.

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The tricky mix of payment, identity and trust

Online payment requires confirmed identity, but who sees what is an open question.

Report excerpt: Online payment providers need to be sure you are who you say you are, but that's just the beginning. Is it possible to lead an active social life online and still have control over your online identity?

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2010 Gov 2.0 Year in Review

Here are the themes, moments and achievements in the Gov 2.0 world that made an impact in 2010.

In a year of immense change, the issues that mattered most were the ones that made governments work better or improved the lives of citizens.

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The convergence of Google, government and privacy

The convergence of Google, government and privacy

A look at the issues and toolsets driving the online privacy discussion.

Google's new privacy tools highlight the complexity of controlling data, identity and personal information online. Alex Howard takes an in-depth look at Google's current tools and he discusses upcoming services and updates with Google representatives.

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ECPA reform: Why digital due process matters

The shift to cloud computing puts Electronic Communications Privacy Act reform in the spotlight.

Academics, technology companies, and privacy and civil liberties advocates are in agreement: the laws governing electronic privacy need an update. In these video interviews, four professors and the ACLU counsel reflect on "digital due process."

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