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Saving publishing, one tweet at a time

Helping both readers and writers look good on social media.

Traffic comes to online publishers in two ways: search and social. Because of this, writing for the tweet is a new discipline every writer and editor must learn. You’re not ready to publish until you find the well crafted headline that fits in 100 characters or so, and pick an image that looks great shared at thumbnail size on…
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Tech Publisher Finds Path to Web Revenue

Tech/trade publisher International Data Group (I.D.G.) rolled one of its largest magazines, InfoWorld, into a Web-only publication in April 2007. A profile of the company in the New York Times reveals encouraging first-year results from InfoWorld's digital transition: There were nervous months after the switch as the company awaited the reaction from advertisers and readers, but before long InfoWorld’s Web…

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The Key to Web Success: Pretend Print Doesn't Exist

Josh Gordon at Folio explains why pure-play Web businesses are beating established publishers are their own game: Print people are spoiled. Too often when a magazine launches a web product the editorial focus [is] the same or similar to the positioning as the print product. As for functionality, too often the mission statement is, “To extend the magazine brand onto…

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