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How Long is Your City's Tail?

A city that has totally open, unrestricted access to data and partnerships with business has the best chance of becoming the healthy, "long tail" city of the future, with head, "meaty middle" and tail, all working together, all reinforcing each other, all driving each other forward. That's the future of cities. It might be time to ask yourself: how long is your city's tail shaping up to be? The answer may determine, to a large degree, how much your city is a thriving place to live in decades to come.

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What Will Open Gov Look Like in Five Years and in One Year?

Someone asked me the other day what I thought open governance was going to look like in five years. The more interesting question, I think, is what is it going to look like in a year? Five years from now, the open gov ecosystem looks a lot like the web itself. It's huge. There are parts that are open source and used freely by all, there are parts that are proprietary and profit-generating.

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