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Democratizing data, and other notes from the Open Source convention

Health care track draws a small and passionate core

There has been enormous talk over the past few years of open data and what it can do for society, but proponents have largely come to admit: data is not democratizing in itself. This topic is hotly debated, and a nice summary of the viewpoints is available in this PDF containing articles by noted experts. At the…
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What I like about the health care technology track at the Open Source convention

The health care technology track at the Open Source convention
touches on core areas for improvement: patient-centered care, the use of
mobile devices, administrative efficiencies, and the collection,
processing, and display of statistics to improve health care

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OSCON 2010: Open source in a world of new defaults

Registration is now open for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 19-23, Portland, OR. This year's revolutionary technology frequently becomes the accepted norm a few years down the line. Every so often the revolution is big enough, and a noticeable shift in the technology landscape occurs. We're at such a point in 2010. At OSCON 2010 in July, we'll be…

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Why health care is coming to the Open Source convention

This year for the first time, O’Reilly’s Open Source convention
contains a track on health care IT. The call for
just went up, soliciting proposals on nine broad
areas of technology including health data exchange, mobile devices,
and patient-centered care. IT specialists and programmers across the country who have lost their employment or are just seeking new challenges will naturally be wondering what health care IT is and how they can get into it. A health care track at OSCon is, to start with, a natural way to serve our core audience.

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