"openquestion" entries

Open question: Will you use mobile payment?

Will excitement for mobile payment translate into adoption?

The flurry of activity around mobile payment is exciting to watch, but consumer adoption will ultimately determine its trajectory. Is a mobile wallet in your future?

Open question: Do libraries help or hurt publishing?

As libraries stuggle for funding, we're forced to imagine a world without them.

Libraries around the world are underfunded and struggling to stay open. If they ceased to exist, how would that affect publishing?

Open question: How is your publishing organization addressing DRM?

If DRM's impact on piracy is negligible, what's its real purpose?

If digital rights management doesn't hinder pirates, and one-click stripping solutions are on the horizon, why do publishers turn to DRM?

Open question: What's the point of inbox zero?

An attempt at understanding the deeper meaning of an empty inbox.

I have more than 10,000 unread messages in my inbox, and I think I'm okay with that. But am I missing something by not pursuing "inbox zero"?

Open Question: Does a link = endorsement?

The tricky business of hyperlink intent.

A defamation lawsuit hinging on the intent behind hyperlinks leads to a host of questions: Do you assume that a link is an endorsement? Does that assumption apply to your own linking behavior?

Open question: Do you trust market research surveys?

A deluge of recent ebook and ereader research raises a host of methodology questions.

As the publishing industry is inundated with statistics about user behavior, how do we determine if the reported numbers are accurate, and whether they are meaningful?

Open question: How much location information are you willing to share?

Location adds a new twist to privacy debates.

A recent back-channel conversation here at O'Reilly focused on the overlap between location, data, and privacy. It was an interesting and bewildering discussion that's worth opening up publicly. So that's what we're going to do.