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ePayments Week: More Androids banking

More people are banking with Android devices, though some don't trust mobile banking at all.

As the number of Android users swells past iPhone users, so too does the number of Google-based mobile bankers. Meanwhile, most Britons prefer the ATM over the mobile, and Square drops its transaction fee.

The tricky mix of payment, identity and trust

Online payment requires confirmed identity, but who sees what is an open question.

Report excerpt: Online payment providers need to be sure you are who you say you are, but that's just the beginning. Is it possible to lead an active social life online and still have control over your online identity?

3 mobile payment products hint at the future

We've been told that mobile payment is imminent. Now it might be true.

Report excerpt: Like flying cars and helpful robots, payment through the phone has been an oft-promised / never-delivered innovation. But early trials suggest mobile payment may finally be at hand.

Open question: Will you use mobile payment?

Will excitement for mobile payment translate into adoption?

The flurry of activity around mobile payment is exciting to watch, but consumer adoption will ultimately determine its trajectory. Is a mobile wallet in your future?

Opening up the mobile wallet

Plastic may have toppled cash, but mobile payments are poised for the next takeover.

Three executives from companies immersed in the mobile payment space (PayPal, Eventbrite and iConcessionStand) weigh in on the current and near-term state of mobile commerce.

Open source cuts microlending complexity

The Mifos Initiative is using open source software to serve the developing world.

Creating financial software for the developing world is tricky business. Variations between countries — and between the banks within those countries — make proprietary solutions unsustainable without massive investment. The Mifos Initiative has gone a different route: manage an open source project that lets banks customize software to meet their unique microlending needs.

Thoughts from the front lines of payment's big shift

The CEO of Rentalic, winner of the the PayPal X Developer Challenge, looks at the future of payment

By nature of his company's first-place win in the PayPal X Developer Challenge, Rentalic CEO Punsri Abeywickrema has a unique vantage point in the payment world. In this short Q&A, Abeywickrema discusses the current and future state of payment and the role startups will play in shaping that landscape.

The Convergence of Advertising and E-commerce

With hundreds of millions of users paying to download music, applications and ebooks on mobile phones, with reports of Zynga generating hundreds of millions of dollars from selling virtual goods in social games, with startups like Square making mobile payment systems the hot new startup category, it’s clear that e-commerce is poised to supplant advertising as the business model of choice for new startups. E-commerce is the killer app of the phone world. Anyone whose business is now based on advertising had better be prepared to link payment and fulfillment directly to search, making buying anything in the world into a one-click purchase. Real time payment from the phone is in your future.