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The tricky mix of payment, identity and trust

Online payment requires confirmed identity, but who sees what is an open question.

Report excerpt: Online payment providers need to be sure you are who you say you are, but that's just the beginning. Is it possible to lead an active social life online and still have control over your online identity?

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3 mobile payment products hint at the future

3 mobile payment products hint at the future

We've been told that mobile payment is imminent. Now it might be true.

Report excerpt: Like flying cars and helpful robots, payment through the phone has been an oft-promised / never-delivered innovation. But early trials suggest mobile payment may finally be at hand.

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Big data thwarts fraud

Report excerpt: Huge datasets and sophisticated analytics protect payment platforms from foul play.

Web-native payment platforms have a tremendous challenge combating fraud, but the solutions they have devised to deal with it have created enormous new opportunities. This is an excerpt from the "ePayments: Emerging Platforms, Embracing Mobile and Confronting Identity" report.

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