Visualization of the Week: The story behind the U.S. power grid

Visualization of the Week: The story behind the U.S. power grid

"America Revealed" illustrates the complexity of the United States electric power grid.

The PBS TV series "America Revealed" visualizes the creation, use and fragility of the U.S. electric power grid. It's also an example of how data and context should always go together.

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A More Public Role for Public Broadcasting: Education

Imagine a broadcast network in America that was dedicated to education, where the best educators had the opportunity to produce its programming, and where individuals as well as institutions could develop a new genre of wide-ranging educational programs? Educational programming could elevate the role of teaching in our culture and promote the value of lifelong learning. This blog post explores…

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News Roundup: Future E-Paper Devices, Potential in Aggregated Ebooks, PBS Web Videos Include Ads

Future Electronic Paper Display Devices Nice overview of electronic paper display (EPD) technologies at Computerworld: [Fujitsu's] Fabric PC looks like a soft trifolded portfolio. Opened, it reveals a flat keyboard on one panel and a display on the other — a display that wraps under the keyboard. Unfold the keyboard as well and the entire inner surface of the device…

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