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Software patents, prior art, and revelations of the Peer to Patent review

Besides the greater openness that Peer to Patent promotes in
evaluating individual patent applications, it is creating a new
transparency and understanding of the functioning of the patent system
as a whole. Problems with prior art disproportionately affect

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Peer to Patent Australia recruits volunteer prior art searchers

The Peer to Patent project has already earned its place in history.
But I've been wondering, along with many other people, where it's
going. It's encouraging to hear that a new pilot has started in
Australia and has gathered a small community of volunteer patent art

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Encouraging results from Peer-to-Patent


is carrying off one of the most audacious experiments in Internet
activism in our day.
A report released by the non-profit project in

PDF format

reports the data from surveys and an analysis of patents handled
during the first year of the project. The sample is small (23 patents)
but bears some impressive fruit.

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