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Publishing News: Penguin goes back to the library

Penguin and library lending, ebook cost accounting, and Knight News Challenge winners.

Two NYC libraries will get Penguin books, ebooks often cost more to make than publishers earn, and one news startup addresses shrinking resources with editorial analytics.

Penguin 2.0 Mashes Up Essays and Short Texts

Penguin's new project — dubbed "Penguin 2.0" — incorporates elements of customization and remixing found in Web content. Jeff Gomez, Penguin's senior director of online consumer sales and marketing, discusses the program with the New York Observer: … in 2009 the company will introduce a program that allows customers to choose from a variety of short stories, essays, and…

News Roundup: Online's Share Increases, New York's "Amazon" Tax, Open Source Textbooks, Edits Shown in Pan Macmillan Ebooks, Penguin UK's Simultaneous Print-Ebook Plan

Weekly publishing news roundup – April 18, 2008.

[LBF] What Ex-Smokers and Ebook Early Adopters Have in Common

During a seminar today at the London Book Fair titled "How to Digitize your Content" (not to be confused with our own "Digitizing Your Backlist"), Penguin Group Digital Director Genevieve Shore shared some interesting insights about Penguin’s growing ebook program: Though Penguin USA has been selling ebooks for 10 years, 2007 was the first time they saw "interesting revenue"…

Penguin UK to Release Print and Ebook Editions Simultaneously

Beginning in September, print and ebook versions of Penguin UK's new titles will be available simultaneously for the same price. Digital editions will be made available in .epub format through Penguin's Web sites and via retailers. From The Bookseller: [Penguin] digital director Genevieve Shore described the move as "an important step." She said: "We have seen in other markets…

The Secret to Penguin's Trade Paperback Success

Penguin is carving a niche for its trade paperbacks by treating the titles as entirely new books. From the Associated Press: … Penguin has mastered the paperback blockbuster, taking a book already out in hardcover and giving it the kind of promotion once reserved for a new release: prominent store placement, author tours, online marketing, appeals to book clubs and…

Experimenting for the Sake of Experimenting

Satellite radio companies Sirius and XM are both touting aggregated programming that focuses on a popular artist or topic (e.g. the '08 election) for a period of time, then gives way to the next subject. Sirius calls them "pop-up channels." XM dubs them "microchannels." (They'll have to settle on a name if/when their proposed merger goes through …) From the…

Publishers and Amazon Locked in Price War

The UK's Times Online says Penguin, Bloomsbury and other publishers are trying to woo customers with steep discounts on their own Web sites. Amazon isn't happy about the cuts: There are fears that Amazon may retaliate by regarding a publisher’s online price as the recommended retail price and applying its trading terms to that. If a publisher discounts a…

Commentary on Penguin's Missed Ebook Opportunity

Extra features won't make ebooks mainstream.