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Strata Week: Infographics for all

A new infographic tool, San Francisco upgrades its open data efforts, and decades of Stephen Wolfram's data.

Visual.ly launches an infographic creation tool, San Francisco upgrades its open data initiative, and Stephen Wolfram offers a peek into more than 20 years of his personal data.

Strata Week: Your personal automated data scientist

Wolfram releases a pro tool, protecting data during times of need, and new doubts about dating services.

Wolfram|Alpha launches a pro version of its computational knowledge engine, guidelines emerge for protecting the data of people in crisis, and researchers cast doubt on dating sites' matchmaking algorithms.

The rise of programmable self

Quantifying your changes + motivational hacks = programmable self.

Taking a cue from the Quantified Self movement, the programmable self is the combination of a digital motivation hack with a digital system that tracks behavior. Here's a look at companies and projects relevant to the programmable self space.

Visualization of the Week: AntiMap

A mobile mapping app lets users capture and visualize their movements.

The DIY mapping tool AntiMap lets users capture their movements via their mobile devices, then visualize and analyze their movements.

Strata Week: The fears of face recognition

Fears over Facebook's face recognition, hacked passwords get analyzed, and a video game taps historical data.

Stories this week examine some of the fears — real and imagined — around our social data, our privacy and security. But in case we forget the great things social data can build, we also look at the archival data behind the video game “L.A. Noire.”

Mobile apps and the quiet handling of data

There's considerable difference in how PC software and mobile apps handle data.

PC-based applications often have to get clearance from users before they can gather and transmit data. Mobile apps, however, follow a different path.

Data News: Week in Review

Personal genomics, education data, and a new version of Hadoop

In the latest Data News: 23andMe offers discounted personal genetics testing, DonorsChoose.org opens its dataset for a hacking education contest, and Cloudera releases Version 3.0 of its Hadoop distribution.

Personal data is the future, but does anybody care?

How to communicate the value of data to people who don't live and breathe it.

Companies that want to move personal data collection into the mainstream must offer utility, serendipity, and self-expression. You either have to be great at one or address all three.

The Locker Project: data for the people

The combined efforts of the Locker Project and TeleHash could help people be at the center of their data. Plus: Bloom presents Fizz, a new data app.

Three data efforts — the open source Locker Project, the TeleHash protocol, and commercial support from Singly — look to help people get more value from their personal data.