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Sulzberger: "Be of the Internet, Not on the Internet"

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. indicates he is willing to consider radical change to continue the New York Times' relevance in the digital age. From News.com: Sulzberger would brand this not as a crisis, but rather as change that requires adaptation. "It's important for traditional companies to adopt strategies that enable us to be of the Internet, not on the Internet,"…

Apple's restrictions mean more jailbreaking & Android adoption

When Apple announced the iPhone SDK last year I said: […] Jobs makes it clear that the platform won't be completely open. While he says that this is to balance the benefits of an open platform with user security protection, it's unclear where Apple will draw those lines. Will there be a Skype client? Third-party media apps? It would have…

News Roundup: Digital Text App Uses Facebook, Subject/Author Sites Better than Brands, Saying Goodbye to Audiobook Cassettes

App Mashes Up Digital Text on Facebook Platform Digital Texts 2.0 is an interesting application for Facebook that lets you group and share digital material. It's intriguing to see cutting edge development occurring in this space. From the Digital Texts 2.0 about page: Digital Texts 2.0 was undertaken by Dr. Stéfan Sinclair as an initiative to experiment with applying…

Cloud Computing's Potential Impact on Publishing

The move toward "cloud"-based content distribution raises a host of issues relevant to book publishing. Here's a few that popped onto our radar.

Facebook Growth By Country and the Slowdown in App Usage

With the Facebook Developers conference slated for later this week, I thought it would be a good time to give a brief update of a previous post on Facebook demographics. What follows are recently published number of users by country and region, along with growth rates for select regions and countries. Over the last four weeks, the fastest growing regions were South America, Central America and the Carribean:

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Ebooks and the Iphone (Publishing Frontier) So by selling books as $5 iPhone books instead of $7 paperbacks, the publisher makes $0.90 per book. And, of course, if the publisher charged $6.99 for the iPhone book, the numbers would be $4.89 received from Apple – $0.70 royalty – $0.05 PPB [printing, paper, binding] – $0.40 art, promotion, etc = $3.74,…

Google Book Search: It's All About the Index

The public's incorrect assumptions about Google products, including Book Search, misses Google's bigger focus on platform creation.

Service Monitoring Dashboards are mandatory for production services!

Google App Engine went down earlier today. GAE is still a developer preview release, and currently lacks a public monitoring dashboard. Unfortunately this means that many people either found out from their app and/or admin consoles being unavailable or from Mike Arrington's post on TechCrunch. Google has a strong Web Operations culture, and there are numerous internal monitoring tools in…