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The Web 2 Summit Points of Control map has a new data layer

Key data players and datasets are called out in the Points of Control map.

To coincide with the "data frame" theme of this year's Web 2 Summit, the Points of Control Map has been updated with a layer illustrating data companies and data types.

How can we visualize the big players in the Web 2.0 data layer?

An update on how a data layer will be added to the Web 2.0 Points of Control map.

How do you visualize the size, strength and limitations of data-centric companies? That's the tricky issue being tackled by the new Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control map.

We're entering the talent economy

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on why access and connections will increasingly matter.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says the information economy is transferring into the talent economy. Recent hiring news certainly reinforces that point. Plus: Weiner explains how LinkedIn uses data science to create predictive tools.

Livestream from Web 2.0 Summit

Internet leaders discuss "points of control" at Web 2.0 Summit.

Leaders from across the Internet Economy are assembling in San Francisco this week at Web 2.0 Summit. Stay in the loop with a free livestream.

Points of control = Rents

Innovation was once the sole rent source in the computer industry, but things have changed.

We love companies that innovate, even if they can extract rent from it. What we don't like is when they mature and transition to less palatable rent extraction strategies.

The battle for the Internet Economy

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle discuss "points of control."

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle examined the people, organizations, and chokeholds shaping the Internet Economy during a recent webcast. A video of their discussion is included in this post.

Why Twitter's t.co is a game changer

Twitter's URL shortener could give marketers a key tool for off-site engagement.

If Twitter is so inclined, the company could turn the new t.co shortening service into a powerful analytics tool that solves the marketing and tracking issues of off-site engagement.