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App to dig into epidemiological data wins Practice Fusion challenge award

Congratulations are due to John Schrom, who can boast of first prize
in Practice Fusion's latest challenge to find a use for their massive
health data sets. Schrom's app displays data in different groups–by
state, by diagnosis, by age range, and so on–and lets the user
quickly find where at-risk populations are.

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Report from HIMSS Health IT conference: building or bypassing infrastructure

lectronic record systems need all kinds of underlying support. Your
patient doesn't want to hear, "You need an antibiotic right away, but
we'll order it tomorrow when our IT guy comes in to reboot the
system." Your accounts manager would be almost as upset if you told
her that billing will be delayed for the same reason.

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Report from HIMSS Health IT conference: toward interoperability and openness

The U.S. has a mobile population, bringing their aches and pains to a
plethora of institutions and small providers. That's why health care
needs interoperability. Furthermore, despite superb medical research,
we desperately need to share more information and crunch it in
creative new ways. That's why health care needs openness.

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