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Top Stories: June 25-29, 2012

William Gibson's apt predictions, why C matters, and a vote against lightweight DRM.

This week on O'Reilly: James Turner noted that the corporate dystopia predicted in "Neuromancer" has come to pass, author David Griffith discussed C's continued popularity, and Joe Wikert explained why lightweight ebook DRM isn't viable.

Why don't they get it?

Tech predictions focusing only on technology miss a key component: people.

If you comment on new technology, you should get to know as many of the quirks and biases of human behavior as you can. That's because you're modeling people first and technology second.

The abandonment of technology

Are we working on the right problems?

We face a choice between a future of accelerating technological progress and an age of declining possibilities and narrowing horizons. That choice depends on the problems we choose to solve.

My top 5 predictions for CIOs in 2011

Don't expect an easy ride in 2011. The challenges for CIOs will be more complex and disruptive.

As we look to 2011, the enlightened CIO must go after the most valuable projects and be a trusted adviser to those who commit dollars to organizational goals.

Taking stock of my 2010 tech predictions

4 "corrects," 4 "maybes," and 2 "nos": Jonathan Reichental re-examines his 2010 predictions.

In January 2010, I published a list of my technology predictions for the year ahead. While I hit a few right on, I certainly over-estimated the rate of change.

Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12

Under no pressure from anyone, I’ve forced this obligatory “end of year predictions” post upon myself. People always ask me where I think Government 2.0 is going anyway, I may as well get some writing mileage out of it, right? So, here are some non-exhaustive, somewhat creative, and entirely debatable trends and ideas that I foresee taking shape in the next three years or so:

  • Local governments as experiments
  • The rise of Citizen 2.0
  • Mobile devices as primary devices
  • Ubiquitous crude video content
  • Always on-the-record