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Loathe your Kindle? Swap it for a bunch of books

A Portland, Ore. bookstore is offering a dollar-for-dollar Kindle trade-in.

A bookstore in Portland, Ore., will exchange unwanted Kindles for paper books. But what to do with all those Kindles? That's where Worldreader.org might provide a solution.

Publishers: Let the Containers Go

In a guest post at Boing Boing, Clay Shirky says publishers who focus on book lovers rather than readers are setting themselves up to fail: Businesses don't survive in the long term because old people persist in old behaviors; they survive because young people renew old behaviors, and all the behaviors young people are renewing cluster around reading, while they…

Open Question: Do You Re-Read Books?

Is re-reading a common activity or one of those things we'd all like to do but can't find the time? Please share your thoughts.

Pricing Digital Book Content: Where's the Sweet Spot?

A lot of people are trying to figure out where prices are headed for digital book content, and to date there's not much consensus. What do you think?

What if Ebooks Were the Dominant Platform?

Does application of a flip test in the ebook vs print book debate yield new perspectives? Or is it a waste of time? Please share your thoughts.

Ebooks and Print Books are Not Mutually Exclusive

Print book lovers are tireless defenders of their chosen format, but that defense is often unnecessary.