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Think of it like a political campaign: Baratunde Thurston's book marketing

Inside the promotion of "How To Be Black."

Make it easy for people to help you — that’s a simple but oft-overlooked concept that author Baratunde Thurston says is essential to book marketing. He shares additional marketing tips and tools in this interview.

How Should Authors Promote Themselves Online?

As the director of an organisation for writers I was curious about the announcement of Random House's new Web toolkit to assist RH authors to set up and maintain their own Web pages. booktrade.info reports: … the toolkit allows authors to customise their pages with a choice of backgrounds, fonts and colours. Authors can then select different types of content…

What Authors Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Sramana Mitra of Forbes.com sees parallels between author Elle Newmark's grassroots audience development and Silicon Valley's software process: In Silicon Valley, we do alpha and beta products — small prototypes of our vision — and recruit a small number of customers to gain early validation of the products' viability. These alpha and beta products, along with early customer validation,…

Trent Reznor Continues to "Get" the Value of Free Content

Trent Reznor continues to demonstrate that he understands the value of free content as a promotional tool.

Podcasts and Web Promotion Boost Authors

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood, two authors who have used podcasting, free downloads, blogs and social media to develop audiences and attract attention from publishers. Sigler sees a connection between his efforts and public broadcasting: Sigler … likens his distribution method to that of public broadcasting, adding that giving away content pays off even if…