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Publishing News: One publishing experiment ends, another begins

Seth Godin ends The Domino Project, Marc Herman blazes a journalism trail, and authors get personal on tour.

The Domino Project published its final book. Elsewhere, Marc Herman took his long-form journalism straight to a Kindle Single and the WSJ looked at the changing roles of authors on book tours.

Do agent-publishers carry a conflict of interest?

How agent-publishers came to be, and what they mean for the publishing world.

Booksquare's Kassia Krozser discusses the emerging agent-publisher role, and why she's concerned about a conflict of interest.

Agile content models better address audience wants and needs

Kristen McLean on Bookigee and why agile is a better model.

Agile isn’t just for software developers — content developers can benefit from the agile model as well. In this podcast, Bookigee’s founder and CEO Kristen McLean talks about why agile is the way to go.

Promoting free downloads to increase revenue

Nelson Saba on how freemium is helping his Glo Bible app.

Publishers continue to struggle with the concept of a freemium business model. In this TOC podcast, Nelson Saba, CEO of Immersion Digital, talks about his Glo Bible app and how upgrade conversion rates are surprisingly good.

What publishing can learn from tech startups

Todd Sattersten on how a startup mentality applies to the publishing world.

Author Todd Sattersten believes the publishing industry has a lot to learn from tech startups. Agile development, iteration and adaptation all have a place.