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The art of marrying content with mobile apps

Gurvinder Batra on KiwiTech's publishing-specific approach.

In this TOC Podcast, KiwiTech founder and CTO Gurvinder Batra talks about how his company masters the challenges of developing apps for the publishing industry. He also says native apps are a better option than EPUB.

Open Question: Is it realistic for publishers to cut Amazon out of the equation?

Charlie Stross argued that publishers are cutting their own throats with DRM. But should we drop DRM or just drop Amazon?

Author Charlie Stross argued recently that Amazon's growing position toward a monopoly can largely be attributed to publishers' use of DRM. A back-channel discussion brewed about whether cutting Amazon out of the picture entirely would be a viable solution.

HTML5: The platform-agnostic key to the future of publishing

Brian Fling on his company PinchZoom Press and why he built it atop HTML5.

In this TOC podcast, PinchZoom Press founder Brian Fling talks about why he chose HTML5 over EPUB3. He says HTML5 is more platform agnostic. Fling also says native apps are here to stay, so building for multiple platforms will continue to be necessary.

Not a self-publisher, far from a traditional publisher

Jesse Potash on how he's approaching the publishing model differently with Pubslush Press.

In this podcast, Jesse Potash, founder of Pubslush Press, talks about how his company differs from self-publishing platforms — and from Kickstarter — and how he’s using it to help eradicate global illiteracy.

We're in the midst of a restructuring of the publishing universe (don't panic)

Hugh McGuire says the disruption publishing has endured is a mere hint of what's to come.

Hugh McGuire, co-author of "Book: A Futurist's Manifesto," explains why publishing's digital transformation goes way beyond format shifts. He also reveals nine ways the publishing industry will change over the next five years.

Papercut has designs on a new storytelling genre

Papercut looks to create an experience that falls somewhere between text and a movie.

In this TOC podcast, ustwo head of publishing Jonas Lennermo says his company's new iPad product, Papercut, is a publishing platform, a storefront, and a storytelling experiment.