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ValoBox wants to reward content creators and consumers

ValoBox looks to combine access to content, analytics and conversion.

ValoBox, a publishing startup we covered earlier this year, has launched. In this interview, co-founder Oliver Brooks describes the platform, its development, and how its social retail system works.

Transforming data into narrative content

Kristian Hammond on how Narrative Science gives a voice to insights found in the growing world of big data.

Scaling content no longer requires new hires — Narrative Science automatically generates stories from data. In this interview, CTO Kristian Hammond explains how it works and how the expanding types of data are creating new storytelling opportunities.

When you commit to "release early and often" you have to actually do it

"Every Book Is a Startup" author Todd Sattersten on agile methods and the importance of scope.

We follow up with BizBookLab's Todd Sattersten to see how his startup project, "Every Book Is a Startup," is coming along. Sattersten looks at the relationship between startup pitches and book pitches, and he explains why scope is a valuable project tool.

Getting the content out there isn't enough anymore

Justo Hidalgo on subscriptions, paywalls and the importance of added value.

In this interview, 24Symbols' Just Hidalgo examines the relationship between high-quality content, related services and consumer needs.

Three reasons why we're in a golden age of publishing entrepreneurship

Digital is creating fertile ground for startups.

Books, publishing processes and readers have all made the jump to digital, and that's creating considerable opportunities for publishing startups.

What publishers can learn from Netflix's problems

Tim Carmody on the lessons from Netflix and the facade of inevitability.

In this interview, Wired.com writer Tim Carmody examines the recent missteps of Netflix and he takes a broad look at how technology shapes the reading experience.

Papercut has designs on a new storytelling genre

Papercut looks to create an experience that falls somewhere between text and a movie.

In this TOC podcast, ustwo head of publishing Jonas Lennermo says his company's new iPad product, Papercut, is a publishing platform, a storefront, and a storytelling experiment.

BookRiff: A marketplace for curators

A startup looks to give curators an outlet while keeping content owners happy.

BookRiff CEO Rochelle Grayson explains how her company will open new distribution and revenue streams for curators and content owners.