"publishingwir" entries

Publishing News: The 99-cent problem

Author Melissa Foster on cheap books, geeks join the battle against SOPA, and the future of storytelling arrives.

An author shares her views on the 99-cent price point, a new Firefox add-on uncensors SOPA's censorship, and "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" app really is fantastic.

Publishing News: "Hating Amazon is not a strategy"

Pragmatic responses to Amazon's Price Check, Consumer Reports hits the digital sweet spot and the Kindle Fire can be shelved.

Cooler heads respond to Amazon's latest move, Consumer Reports becomes the envy of news orgs everywhere and Peter Meyers chimes in for a New York Times Kindle Fire evaluation.

Publishing News: Agency pricing, out of the pan and into the fire

Publishers face antitrust investigations, newspapers must control their ads and data, and a look at the most-read web authors.

Antitrust investigations into agency pricing were opened by the EU and the US. Elsewhere, David Soloff at AdAge offered much-needed advice for newspaper/magazine revenue, and Read it Later used its data to identify the web's top authors.

Publishing News: One publishing experiment ends, another begins

Seth Godin ends The Domino Project, Marc Herman blazes a journalism trail, and authors get personal on tour.

The Domino Project published its final book. Elsewhere, Marc Herman took his long-form journalism straight to a Kindle Single and the WSJ looked at the changing roles of authors on book tours.

Publishing News: Tech patent wars spill into the book world

B&N takes issue with Microsoft's patents, Congress held a SOPA hearing, and authors decry Amazon's Lending Library.

B&N’s position against Microsoft was made public, causing quite a dust-up. Also, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) hearing was as controversial as the Act itself, and the Authors Guild says the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library breaches contracts.

Publishing News: The standards of aggregation

Jim Romenesko quits after his attribution standards are questioned, Rakuten buys Kobo, and readers will wait for ebooks.

Jim Romenesko's departure raises questions about aggregation standards. Also, Japanese e-retailer Rakuten buys Kobo, and a new BISG study shows readers are embracing digital formats.

Publishing News: Early response to the Kindle Lending Library

Amazon launched its Kindle Lending Library, and a publisher goes after BitTorrent users.

Amazon Prime became even more pervasive with the Kindle Lending Library, the publishing industry joined the piracy lawsuit fray, and presentation videos from the Books in Browsers conference are now available.

Publishing News: Amazon's Kindle Format 8 dashes hopes for EPUB3 compatibility

Amazon launches KF8, The Guardian becomes more engaging, and tablet users don't discriminate between print and digital.

Any hopes of EPUB3 becoming an across-the-board publishing format standard were dashed by Amazon's new KF8 format. Also, The Guardian launched two new features and a Pew study looked at tablet user behavior.

Publishing News: The news is free but the API will cost you

New revenue streams for news orgs, Amazon gnaws away at the publishing industry, and Kobo launches Vox.

News organizations look to commercial endeavors for unorthodox revenue. Also, Amazon continues to extend its reach into publishing and Kobo jumps on the tablet bandwagon.

Publishing News: Amazon fires up B&N and BAM

An Amazon deal starts a bookseller war, content tidbits from conferences, and the application of Wikipedia's success.

In this week’s publishing news: B&N and BAM pulled DC Comics graphic novels off the shelves in a huff. Also, interesting data points surface at book conferences, and what newspapers can learn from Wikipedia.