"Radar Show" entries

O'Reilly Radar Show 5/10/12: The surprising rise of JavaScript

Peter Cooper examines JavaScript’s ascendance and Steve Souders discusses web performance tools.

Fluent Conference co-chair Peter Cooper explains why and how JavaScript rose to prominence. Also, Steve Souders points the way to web performance tools and techniques.

O'Reilly Radar Show 3/12/12: Best data interviews from Strata California 2012

Doug Cutting on Hadoop, Max Gadney on video data graphics, Jeremy Howard on big data and analytics.

Hadoop creator Doug Cutting discussing the similarities between Linux and the big data world, Max Gadney from After the Flood explains the benefits of video data graphics, Kaggle's Jeremy Howard looks at the difference between big data and analytics.

O'Reilly Radar Show 2/10/12: The 5 trends that will shape the data world

Big data trends to watch. Kevin Kelly on freemium and DRM.

Strata chair Edd Dumbill discusses the five trends that will drive the near-term future of data science and big data. Also, Kevin Kelly offers a long-view perspective on the freemium model and digital rights management.

O'Reilly Radar 12/20/11: Kindle Lending Library, a step forward for indoor nav

Information related to the 12/20/11 episode of O'Reilly Radar.

Access the script and associated links from the December 20, 2011 edition of O'Reilly Radar. Featuring: Why Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library is a bad deal for publishers, the arrival of indoor navigation, and Reid Hoffman on how technology can create jobs.

O'Reilly Radar 11/29/11: iPhone 4S hardware, ubiquitous computing, HTML5, EPUB3 and the Kindle Fire

Information related to the 11/29/11 episode of O'Reilly Radar.

Access the script and associated links from the November 29, 2011 edition of O'Reilly Radar. Featuring: Alasdair Allan on ubiquitous computing, access vs. ownership, and Peter Meyers on EPUB3, HTML5 and the Kindle Fire.