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Baby bibs to dog clothes to … publishing's salvation?

Margaret Atwood offers a blunt assessment of author merchandise.

Some contend authors can mimic rock bands and earn revenue through merchandise. Margaret Atwood, an author who's dabbled in merchandising, has some choice thoughts on that subject.

Redefining Professional Content and Accepting Digital's Limitations

Scott Karp's 10 observations about the future of media inspired a few thoughts on the shifting definition of "professional" and the limitations of digital.

An On-Demand Night at the Opera

The Metropolitan Opera is letting its inner geek run free. Performances will soon be available as pay-per-stream feeds and subscription packages through The Met's Web site. From the New York Times: For $3.99 or $4.99 per streamed opera, users will have a six-hour window in which to listen to or watch a production, once it has started. A monthly…

Watch the YouTube Video, Buy the Product

YouTube's Content ID service, something we've covered in the past, gives publishers two options for handling unauthorized videos: the material can be removed from YouTube or it can be turned into advertising/revenue opportunities. An article in today's New York Times shows which option Google prefers — Content ID can now be used to associate "click-to-buy" links with video clips:…

Levels of Quality and Revenue Streams

A mix of low and high-quality digital formats could increase awareness and satisfy consumer and advertiser demand.

Web Video Advertising Stuck on Pause

Users are flocking to Web videos and video companies are serving millions of streams, but video executives speaking at the RBC Capital conference noted that advertisers — the final variable in this equation — have not fully embraced the format. From News.com: So when and for whom will the money start rolling in? Video ad executives said that while YouTube…

Last.fm Cuts Artists in on Ad Revenue

Last.fm is sharing ad revenue with with bands through its new Artist Royalty Program. From Wired's Listening Post: Bands and labels that register (or already registered) will start accruing money into Last.fm accounts whenever their music is streamed from the site as of today [7/9/08]. The company already pays artists through rights organizations, including SoundExchange, but this new plan allows…

PBS Online Videos Include Advertising

PBS is releasing shows on the video site Hulu, but incorporating advertising with a revenue sharing plan. The New York Times Bits blog discusses the move with Andrew Russell, senior vice president of PBS Ventures: PBS has moved online slowly, and right now it makes only a small fraction of its content available over the Internet. One reason is…

An Argument Against "Freemium" Content

The "pay to remove ads" model — also known as "freemium" — is inherently flawed, argues Andrew Parker: Why? Because the people in your audience with disposable income who are willing to pay for web services are the same ones that will self-select out of your audience for your ads. So, all that remains in your audience are people…