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Four short links: 2 December 2010

Four short links: 2 December 2010

University IP, Apollo 13, LinkedIn Open Source, Crowdsourced Satellite

  1. Glasgow University to License Its IP For Freewhile a small proportion of high value University of Glasgow IP will still be made available to industry through traditional licensing and spin-out companies alone, offering the bulk of IP to a larger audience for free adds value to the UK economy. (via Hacker News)
  2. Apollo 13 Spacelog — the Apollo 13 mission transcripts presented as though it were a chat session. Not cheesy, but an effective presentation.
  3. Kafka — LinkedIn’s open source pub/sub message system.
  4. Buy This SatelliteThe owner of the world’s most capable communication satellite just went bankrupt.We’re fundraising to buy it.So we can move it to connect millions of people who will turn access into opportunity. (via Daniel Spector on Twitter)
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A Conversation with Dr. Walter Scott of DigitalGlobe

Dr Walter Scott founded Digital Globe – a company you are likely not familiar with though you probably interact with their satellite imagery on a regular basis via Google Maps, Bing and others. It is only recently that mapping technology and production has been driven by mainly commercial interests especially in the area of satellite imagery. With this commercialization corporations…

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