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Long-Term Questions Around Google and Content

Martyn Daniels offers long-view questions around Google's copying of content from publisher books: Publishers have in many cases argued it is healthy to give them [Google] content as they drive up sales, others that they are stealing it. Whatever your viewpoint the question that must be answered is what do they intend to do with it tomorrow? Will they…

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A Google-Amazon Mobile Application?

Android Scan, one of the winners from the Google Android Developer Challenge, uses cell phone cameras and barcode recognition to tap into Amazon's review database. From Silicon Valley Insider: Scan barcodes on any book or CD when you’re in a store and your phone will pull up Amazon reviews and check local library listings to see if the book is…

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A Glimpse into Google's Book Scanning

Google doesn't divulge specifics about its proprietary book scanning set-up, but the Associated Press offers a brief look into the manual scanning process used for old/fragile titles: … the temperature is always in the 60s … Each technician has a slightly angled table with a flexible middle that cradles books and holds them still while two overhead cameras photograph…

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