"searchnotes" entries

Search Notes: Why Google's Social Analytics tools matter

Can we finally track social? Also: New Google UI elements and a look at Plus response

In the latest Search Notes: Google Plus got all the publicity, but Google's Social Analytics tools and new interface elements are also notable.

Search Notes: Connecting Google's dots

How Wallet could fit in with other Google tools, correlate your own data, removing content from search.

In the latest Search Notes: Thoughts on how Wallet could connect to other Google services; a new tool to correlate your own data with search results; international search share; an easy way to remove your content from Google's view.

Search Notes: Trying to understand Facebook's whisper campaign

Facebook's PR gaffe, the Chromebook debuts, and dreams of text-free searching.

In the latest Search Notes: A look at the curious campaign against Google's Social Circle, the Chromebook is an I/O highlight, and Google Goggles hints at a new kind of search.

Search Notes: The high cost of search market share

Why being a default search provider matters, personalized Google News, Bin Laden and search spikes

In the latest Search Notes: Bing is going all out to claim more market share, Google News' personalization features could create an echo chamber, and Osama Bin Laden's death creates a search frenzy.

Search Notes: Search and privacy and writing robots

Yahoo changes its logging policy, Bing gains in the UK, and robot journalists challenge humans.

In the latest Search Notes: Yahoo extends its logging to 18 months, the practical utility of "do not track" is questioned, Bing gains a bit of search share in the UK, and writing robots stake a claim in the journalism domain.

Search Notes: More scrutiny for Google, more share for Bing

Governments continue to eye Google, Bing's share grows, Yahoo BOSS relaunches

In the latest Search Notes: Courts continue their interest in Google while Bing edges its way up in market share. Plus: Yahoo BOSS relaunches.

Search Notes: The future of advertising could get really personal

Google mines data for more predictions, Yahoo and Bing evolve the search experience, and how search could change advertising.

In the latest Search Notes: A look at how Google is using its data to make even more predictions; Yahoo and Bing continue to evolve their search experiences; and a look at how search could change advertising and help a few other industries along the way.

Search Notes: Google and government scrutiny

Google's dominance draws attention from governments and courts, and it's time to say goodbye to AllTheWeb

In this edition of Search Notes: Google continues to be a top traffic source, governments and courts want to know more about Google's methods, and AllTheWeb takes a final trip to the great Internet in the sky.

Search Notes: The future is mobile. And self-driving cars

Foursquare 3.0 and local search, Google's mobile search dominance, and awesome autonomous cars.

In the latest edition of Search Notes: How Foursquare 3.0 could shape personalization and local search, and a look at Google's mobile search dominance. Plus: self-driving cars, just because they're amazing.

Search Notes: Google targets "content farms"

Examining Google's algorithm change and how it affects searchers and site owners.

There was one big story in search last week: Google's move to purge low-quality "content farm" material from its search results. Here's a look at the impact, the response, and what site owners should address.