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Four short links: 19 October 2009

Four short links: 19 October 2009

YouTube Bandwidth, RFID Visualization, Social Software Arms Race, Google Voice to the Laptop

  1. YouTube’s Bandwidth Bill is Zero (Wired) — they buy dark fibre and peer with the major ISPs.
  2. Immaterials: The Ghost in the Text (Vimeo) — visualising RFID fields. See also the blog post about the work by Timo Arnall from Touch and Jack Schulze from BERG.
  3. The Commercial Speech Arms Race (Bruce Schneier) — Whenever you build a security system that relies on detection and identification, you invite the bad guys to subvert the system so it detects and identifies someone else. Sometimes this is hard ­– leaving someone else’s fingerprints on a crime scene is hard, as is using a mask of someone else’s face to fool a guard watching a security camera ­– and sometimes it’s easy. But when automated systems are involved, it’s often very easy. It’s not just hardened criminals that try to frame each other, it’s mainstream commercial interests. Bad actors game systems, and social software is just another system to be gamed. It’s very difficult to create a system with no incentive to misbehave or to accuse others of misbehaving.
  4. A SIP of the Future (Tim Bray) — he connected Google Voice with Gizmo5 so his Google Voice number forwards to his laptop. FTW.

Walking the Censorship Tightrope with Google's Marissa Mayer

Google sometimes finds itself at an difficult crossroad of wanting to make as much information available to as many people as possible, while still trying to obey the laws of the countries they operate in. I recently had a chance to talk to Marissa Mayer, who started at Google as their first female engineer, and has now risen to the ranks of vice president in charge of some of Google’s most critical product areas, such as search, maps and Chrome. We talked about some of Google’s future product directions, and also about how Google makes the decision as to when information has to be withheld from the users. Marissa will be delivering a keynote address at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference next week.

Search for Developers

Vanessa Fox just posted her slides from her talk Diagnosing Technical Issues With Search Engine Optimization. They are packed with handy SEO/SEM suggestions, checklists and resources. It’s worth going through at least once.

Google Engineering Explains Microformat Support in Searches

Today, Google is releasing support for parsing and display of microformat data in their search results. While the initial launch will be limited to a specific set of partners (including LinkedIn, Yelp and CNet reviews), the intent is that very quickly, anyone who marks their pages up with the appropriate microformat data will be able to make their information understandable…

Transforming the Relationship Between Citizens and Government: Making Content Findable Online

Thursday on this blog, Congressman Honda asked, “how can congress take advantage of web 2.0 technologies to transform the relationship between citizens and government?” He asked for input on what web 2.0 features he should add to his website to take advantage of today’s online world. The most important feature government web sites can add isn’t really feature at all. But it would absolutely transform the relationship between citizens and government and make an amazing array of public data available. What’s this magic feature?

Making Site Architecture Search-Friendly: Lessons From whitehouse.gov

Guest blogger Vanessa Fox is co-chair of the new O'Reilly conference Found: Search Acquisition and Architecture. Find more from Vanessa at ninebyblue.com and janeandrobot.com. Vanessa is also entrepreneur in residence at Ignition Partners, and Features Editor at Search Engine Land. Yesterday, as President-elect Obama became president Obama, we geeky types filled the web with chatter about change. That change of…

Webcast Video: Why Publishers Should Care About SEO

See the full video from the TOC Webcast: "Why Publishers Should Care About SEO," with SEO expert Jamie Low.

[TOC Webcast] Tomorrow: Why Publishers Should Care About SEO

Update: 11/08 — The full recording from this TOC Webcast is available here. Tools of Change for Publishing will host a free webcast tomorrow at 1 p.m. eastern (10 a.m. pacific). Our presenter will be Jamie Low, founder of SearchEngineMarketing.com and an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). Topics Jamie will discuss include: how publishers can get ranked for specific…

[TOC Webcast] Why Publishers Should Care About SEO

Update: 11/08 — The full recording from this TOC Webcast is available here. Tools of Change for Publishing will host a free webcast with search engine optimization (SEO) expert Jamie Low on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. eastern (10 a.m. pacific). Jamie will use a conversational format and live search queries to examine SEO elements and techniques, including: how…