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Being online: Conclusion–identity narratives

Identity online is created by combining many discrete items into a
coherent picture. This concluding section of the article suggests that
Social networking gives individuals more control over the picture.

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Being online: identity, anonymity, and all things in between

To be or not to be: that is the question.
Hamlet’s famous utterance plays a trick on theater-goers, a mind game of the same type he inflicted constantly on his family and his court. While diverting his audience’s attention with a seemingly simple choice between being and non-being, Hamlet of all people would know very well how these extremes bracket infinite gradations. Our fascination with Hamlet is precisely his instinct for presenting a different self to almost everyone he met. Social networking gives us an impetus to review how we appear online. When people ask who we are, questions multiply far beyond the capacity of a binary “to be” digit.

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