"sneak peek" entries

Publishing News: Publishing startups bet on curation and apps

A look at three publishing startups, Romenesko retires, and Jer Thorp discusses data at the NYT.

The TOC Sneak Peek webcasts continue, Poynter gets a part-time employee while Romenesko plans a new blog, and Jer Thorp talks about being a data artist at the New York Times.

BookRiff: A marketplace for curators

A startup looks to give curators an outlet while keeping content owners happy.

BookRiff CEO Rochelle Grayson explains how her company will open new distribution and revenue streams for curators and content owners.

MagAppZine's goal: From PDF to app in about 15 minutes

MagAppZine looks to make mobile app creation easier for publishers.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Paul Canetti, founder of MagAppZine, a platform that allows publishers to create custom apps. Here, Canetti talks about starting the company and the benefits he sees for publishers.

Leaky paywalls and ads: What publishers can learn from the New York Times

How advertising and freemium apply to books.

Recent analysis of the New York Times' online paywall has put emphasis on advertising and the freemium model. Book publishers may not realize it, but those same things can also apply to their content products.

Multitouch and the quest to make ereaders more flexible than paper

Pinch. Flip. Curate? LiquidText brings multitouch control to content.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Craig Tashman, founder and CEO of LiquidText, a multitouch software solution for digital marginalia and content manipulation. Here, Tashman talks about how the company got started and how it might change ereading.

A premium layer for web-based content

ValoBox looks to make premium (and locked) content accessible.

By removing the "hoops, headaches, and hangovers" of traditional online book buying, CompletelyNovel co-founders Anna Lewis and Oliver Brooks hope their company new company, ValoBox, will streamline ebook consumption.

Marginalia is still alive in the digital world

Joep Kuijper on the Openmargin marginalia platform and iPad app.

It's time to stop lamenting the death of marginalia at the hands of digital publishing and actually do something about it. Openmargin, a startup in the Netherlands, has done just that.

Announcing the TOC Sneak Peek webcast series

Are you a pre-release publishing startup? We'd like to showcase your work.

We're about to launch a new TOC webcast series that will feature some of the most interesting startups in the publishing tools, platforms and technologies space.