"specialized services" entries

Pandora vs. Last.fm

Really nice discussion by Steve Krause about the differences between pandora and last.fm. Steve compares both the technological approaches and the results, with a fair bit of insight. He also makes some thoughtful comments about data mining, and the value of data vs. the value of algoriithms. [via]…

Open Spectrum for Emergency Responders

A proposal for an internet-style emergency response system by former FCC commissioner Reed Hundt and long time internet visionary and gadfly Carl Malamud: The United States should allocate a part of our spectrum to emergency responders. While there is a huge debate in Washington about how to divvy up the spectrum among the many competing uses, in this case there…

European Telematics Research

European research into computers in cars–boy there's a lot of it! I like the idea that there'll be a standard infrastructure in cars to let devices share GSM, GPS, etc. services. I dream of the day when my kids don't ask me "are we there yet?" but instead check their laptops….

Open Source Geospatial '05

Open Source Geospatial '05 Conference, a chance to rub shoulders and meld minds with the best of the best open source geospatial hackers….

Google's Keyhole: Coming soon to a mobile device near you?

Google's Peter Norvig on Keyhole: "It's important to deliver information about the real world as people carry devices around."…