Four short links: 4 October 2012

Four short links: 4 October 2012

Vannevar Bush, Topic Transparency, Ancient Maps, and Concussion Sensors

  1. As We May Think (Vannevar Bush) — incredibly prescient piece he wrote for The Atlantic in 1945.
  2. Transparency and Topic Models (YouTube) — a talk from DataGotham 2012, by Hanna Wallach. She uses latent Dirichlet allocation topic models to mine text data in declassified documents where the metadata are useless. She’s working on predicting classification durations (AWESOME!). (via Matt Biddulph)
  3. Slippy Map of the Ancient World — this. is. so. cool!
  4. Technology in the NFLX2IMPACT’s Concussion Management System (CMS) is a great example of this trend. CMS, when combined with a digital mouth guard, also made by X2, enables coaches to see head impact data in real-time and asses concussions through monitoring the accelerometers in a players mouth guard. That data helps teams to decide whether to keep a player on the field or take them off for their own safety. Insert referee joke here.
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Four short links: 4 July 2012

Four short links: 4 July 2012

Inside Anonymous, Kanban Board, Extending Objective C, and Football Graphs

  1. How Anonymous Works (Wired) — Quinn Norton explains how the decentralized Anonymous operates, and how the transition to political activism happened. Required reading to understand post-state post-structure organisations, and to make sense of this chaotic unpredictable entity.
  2. Kanban For 1 — very nice progress board for tasks, for the lifehackers who want to apply agile software tools to the rest of their life.
  3. libextobj (GitHub) — library of extensions to Objective C to support patterns from other languages. (via Ian Kallen)
  4. Graph Theory to Understood Football (Tech Review) — players are nodes, passes build edges, and you can see strengths and strategies of teams in the resulting graphs.
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