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Strata Gems: Three key data trends for 2011

Data markets, real-time technology, and the race for developers

To conclude our Strata Gems series, we take a look at the important drivers for the data world in 2011: data markets, real-time data processing, and developers.

Strata Gems: CouchDB in the browser

Get a feel for MapReduce without installing any software

The JSCouch project is a partial implementation of CouchDB in the browser, letting you experience CouchDB's storage and MapReduce queries without installing any software.

Strata Gems: Whirr makes Hadoop and Cassandra a snap

Get control over cloud resources

The cloud makes clusters easy, but for rapid prototyping purposes, bringing up clusters still involves quite a bit of effort. The Whirr project makes cloud control simple.

Strata Gems: DIY personal sensing and automation

A simple app turns Android phones into intelligent agents.

Tomorrow's augmented reality is being built today on mobile devices. The Tasker app for Android puts the power of the phone's sensors and network into the hands of non-programmers.

Strata Gems: Turn MySQL into blazing fast NoSQL

Bypass the SQL parser to use MySQL's raw speed

The HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL bypasses the query parser to deliver excellent NoSQL performance, rivaling that of memcache.

Strata gems: What your inbox knows

Mining implicit data trails makes CRM more effective

One of the richest sources of data exhaust, email logs contain valuable information. When added to data from a traditional CRM, email analytics can provide a much fuller picture of your company's relationships and activity.

Strata Gems: A sense of self

Network-connected sensors track your fitness

Small data matters as much as big, and none more than data about ourselves. Fitness and health tracking is going wireless and personal.

Strata Gems: Clojure is a language for data

Built for expressiveness and concurrency, Clojure is a natural fit for data work

Built for expressiveness and concurrency, Clojure is a natural fit for data work. It boasts excellent API support and strong support for use in the cloud.

Strata Gems: Who needs disks anyway?

RethinkDB uses SSDs to their full advantage

Today's databases are designed for the spinning platter of the hard disk. As SSDs begin to enter data centers, it's time for a database that takes advantage of the new technology.

Strata Gems: Kinect democratizes augmented reality

Tomorrow's reality will be prototyped on phones and gaming consoles

Developers can now hack up augmented reality solutions with commonplace gaming consoles, accelerating innovation in virtual extensions to our daily lives.