"stratagem" entries

Strata Gems: Quick starts for charts

Make your charts more informative and interesting

You know bar and pie charts can be ineffective, but where do you turn next? Here are some great starting points to make a start with more interesting and effective charts.

Strata Gems: Write your own visualizations

The Processing language is an easy way to get started with graphics

Visualization is a powerful way to turn data into a story. But if you're not a "graphics person", where do you start?

Strata Gems: Use Wikipedia as training data

The online encyclopedia is a great resource for data scientists

Wikipedia is an essential tool in the data scientist's armory. Today's Strata Gem shows how it can be used to help computers distinguish between different sense of common words.

Strata Gems: Try MongoDB without installing anything

An easy way to get started with a NoSQL database

Want to dip your toes into the world of NoSQL databases? In the first of our Strata Gems series, find out how explore MongoDB through your web browser.