"strataweek" entries

Strata Week: Oracle’s big data play

Oracle unveils its big data appliance, the Hadoop community gauges contributions.

In this week's data news, Oracle unveils its big data strategy, and Cloudera looks at the contributions to the Hadoop core and community.

Strata Week: Facebook builds a new look for old data

Facebook surfaces past status updates, particles defy physics, and data goes Hollywood in "Moneyball."

This week's data news includes news on Facebook's Timeline, observations of neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light, and Hollywood's take on data analysis.

Strata Week: Crowdsourcing and gaming spur a scientific breakthrough

Fold.it users make a scientific breakthrough, Twitter open sources real-time processing tool, Google faces a senate hearing.

In this week's data news: Fold.it gamers help with HIV research, Twitter eyes data analytics, and Google testifies before the Senate.

Strata Week: Investors circle big data

Big funding news for data startups, a new verification tool for Wikipedia, and Angry Birds takes down the economy.

This week's data news includes funding announcements from a number of data startups, a new real-time research tool for Ushahidi and Wikipedia, and calculations about the amount of work time Americans waste on Angry Birds.

Strata Week: MapReduce gets its arms around a million songs

MapReduce crunches a million-song dataset, GPS and accident reconstruction, and WWI crowdsourcing.

This week's data stories include a guide to using MapReduce to process the Million Song Dataset, a story about how GPS data can help reconstruct lost memories (and accidents), and evidence that emergency crowdsourcing goes back further than many realize.

Strata Week: What happens when 200,000 hard drives work together?

IBM is building a massive 120-petabyte array and Infochimps releases a unified geo schema.

IBM takes data storage to a whole new level (120 petabytes, to be exact), Infochimps' new API tries to make life easier for geo developers, and the "Internet of people" keeps an eye on Hurricane Irene.

Strata Week: Green pigs and data

Rovio mines data to improve Angry Birds, HP bets on big data, Daily Dot parses the social web for stories.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, is using data and analytics to keep bird-launching gamers plugged in. Also, HP's acquisition of Autonomy reveals its data intentions, and the Daily Dot finds stories with an assist from data journalism.

Strata Week: Hadoop adds security to its skill set

Hadoop and security, surprising results from a consumer data survey, and disconcerting data retention legislation.

In the latest Strata Week: Will big data offer us more security insights? Or will large data stores become targets for security threats? Plus: A very old map gets a digital upgrade.