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Business models to monetize publishing in the digital era

The third in a series looking at the major themes of this year's TOC conference.

Several overriding themes permeated this year's Tools of Change for Publishing conference. The third in a series looking at five major themes, here we look at monetization in publishing, including subscription/access models, freemium, and ad-based models.

Leaky paywalls and ads: What publishers can learn from the New York Times

How advertising and freemium apply to books.

Recent analysis of the New York Times' online paywall has put emphasis on advertising and the freemium model. Book publishers may not realize it, but those same things can also apply to their content products.

Publishing News: Apple's new in-app rules cause a minor dustup

Apple enforces its new app rules, World Book Night goes global, and publishing needs to be more entrepreneurial.

B&N, Amazon and Google had to scurry as Apple began enforcing its new in-app rules, the U.S. jumped on board for World Book Night 2012, and Todd Sattersten showed publishers what they can learn from tech startups.

Publishing News: How to improve ebook marginalia

Improving ebook note tools, ask for data and you'll get it, the ABA partners with On Demand Books

Pete Meyers suggests ways to improve ebook note-taking tools, publishers can actually get consumer data from Apple, and the American Booksellers Association wants its member stores to have Espresso Book Machines.

Four short links: 24 March 2011

Four short links: 24 March 2011

Digital Subscriptions, Graph Database, Data Science, and High Speed Compression

  1. Digital Subscription Prices — the NY Times in context. Aie.
  2. Trinity — Microsoft Research graph database. (via Hacker News)
  3. Data Science Toolkit — prepackaged EC2 image of most useful data tools. (via Pete Warden)
  4. Snappy — Google’s open sourced compression library, as used in BigTable and MapReduce. Emphasis is on speed, with resulting lack of quality in filesize (20-100% bigger than zlib).

The competition for app subscriptions

Subscription competition could yield one good thing: lower price points.

Apple may have a lion's share of the tablet and app markets now, but new competition may create a more level playing field.

Let the tablet wars begin

As Apple ruffles feathers, HP's TouchPad -- and some of its subscription terms -- are unveiled

HP is squaring up against Apple with its new TouchPad tablet and new subscription terms with Time Inc.

800 Newspapers Coming to Iliad E-Reader

iRex Technologies scores scores of newspapers for its new iLiad e-reader. From E-Reads: Digitally delivered news is gaining momentum and as we turn the corner to 2009 it's gotten a rocket boost from the Dutch firm iRex Technologies, which announced it has made a deal with NewspaperDirect to deliver 800 newspapers on iRex's Digital Reader 1000 … The iRex/NewspaperDirect…

Open Question: Digital Ownership vs. Digital Subscriptions

Two tips in Dear Author's recent post "10 Things Epublishers Should Do for Readers" caught my attention: 1. Eternal Bookshelf. An eternal bookshelf means that every purchase you have bought can be downloaded at any time. Most of the larger etailers have this feature but not all. 2. Mass Downloads. Along with the eternal bookshelf should be the ability to…

News Roundup: Customizable Magazine Service Launches, French E-Reader Includes Subscriptions, Library Tags Online-Offline Recommendations

Maghound Customizable Magazine Service Launches Maghound, a customizable magazine service from Time Inc., is now available. From Folio: The membership pricing is tiered– three titles for $4.95 a month, five titles for $7.95, seven titles for $9.95, and $1 per title for eight titles or more. Memberships can be entirely managed online, as well as by email and phone,…