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Big data’s move to the cloud

A new survey shows the market is ready for cloud-based big data services.

Migrating_big_data_analytics_cover_lg_2One night when our son was two years old, he abruptly decided that he didn’t like taking baths. As my wife recalls, he struggled mightily against the ritual of bathing for several months until, suddenly and mysteriously, he decided that he liked bathing again. We’re happy to report that he has managed to stay relatively clean ever since.

When I speak with CIOs and other IT leaders about moving big data operations into the cloud, I am reminded of our son’s unexplained loathing of the bathtub.

Nearly everyone associated with IT understands that most IT operations — including big data analytics — must eventually move into the cloud. The traditional on-premises approaches are simply too costly, and CIOs are under crushing pressure to shift budgetary resources to value-added, customer-facing activities.

For most companies, the writing is already on the wall. The cloud offers greater agility and elasticity, and quicker product development cycles — and can reduce costs. When you add up the benefits, it seems inevitable that the bulk of IT operations will move into the cloud. Nevertheless, the foot-dragging and excuse-making continues. Read more…

Publishing News: Ereader ownership doubles, again

Two surveys bode well for digital publishing, HMH teams with Amazon, and books aren't the library's only game.

One survey said ereader and tablet ownership doubled during the holidays; a second showed that Amazon may not be losing money on its Kindle Fire sales. Also, Amazon got a new print edition distributor and the library discussion elevated beyond ebooks.

A study confirms what we've all sensed: Readers are embracing ereading

BISG's Angela Bole on results from the "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading" study.

In this interview, Angela Bole of the Book Industry Study Group reviews results from the "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading" study. She says the data looks good for publishers, assuming they can develop the right business models.

Publishing News: Survey says publishers continue to miss out on digital opportunities

Aptara’s latest survey is out, news organizations as ebook publishers, and a recipe site that works like Instapaper.

The Third Annual eBook Survey of Publishers was released this week. Also, news organizations continue to venture into ebook publishing, and the KeepRecipes site may be the most useful online recipe organizer yet.

StartWithXML Survey Results Preview

Preview the results of the StartWithXML survey.

Respond to the StartWithXML Survey Before It Closes on Friday!

We are very pleased that over 125 people have already responded to our StartwithXML industry survey, which you can find here. We will start blogging a bit about the results later in October. Complete results will be published in our Research Paper, which will debut at the Forum on January 13, 2009 at the McGraw-Hill Auditorium. There's no attempt to…