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LISA mixes the ancient and modern: report from USENIX system administration conference

System administrators try to maintain reliability and other virtues while adopting cost-cutting innovations

I came to LISA, the classic USENIX conference, to find out this year who was using such advanced techniques as cloud computing, continuous integration, non-relational databases, and IPv6. I found lots of evidence of those technologies in action, but also had the bracing experience of getting stuck in a talk with dozens of Solaris fans. Such is…
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Jesse Robbins on the state of infrastructure automation

Shifts for sysadmins and a surprising use for Chef.

OpsCode chief community officer Jesse Robbins discusses cloud infrastructure automation and the most surprising use of Chef he's seen so far.

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USENIX's LISA still for system administrators

Topics that concern LISA are fairly stable from year to year. Configuration management, storage options, security, cloud computing (particularly with Xen), IPv6, customer relations, and a bit of NoSQL formed the pillars of the program.

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What's New in CFEngine 3: Making System Administration Even More Powerful

CFEngine is a surprisingly flexible and fast tool for distributed configuration management. A new version was released this week.

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