"TOC 11" entries

Flipboard and the end of "sourciness"

Flipboard's focus is on the content. Sources and platforms take a backseat.

One of Flipboard's goals is to bring quality content to readers without focusing on the content's source or original platform.

Digital authors need a whole new set of skills

Dana Newman on how authors can best embrace the e-pocalypse.

Dana Newman, a transactional and intellectual property attorney, on how authors should change behaviors and actions to protect themselves in — and make the most of — the digital age.

Kevin Kelly on how to sell free

Practical solutions for thriving in a mostly free, all-digital era.

As publishers wonder how to make money when everything digital seems to be heading for a zero-price point, Kevin Kelly offers some practical advice.

An era in which to curate skills

Amidst disruption, publishing still relies on research, sales, authoring, and curation.

Three days of intensive discussion about the current state of publishing at TOC 2011 revealed that research, sales, authoring, and curation are all still important skills.

Margaret Atwood on solar flares and author needs

Margaret Atwood brought an author's perspective and deadpan humor to TOC 2011.

At TOC 2011, Margaret Atwood reminded publishers that as they blithely move into digital they'd be wise to remember authors. Plus: Why you might want to invest in a lead-lined safe.

Book^2 Camp opens the lines of communication

People from across the publishing world came together for a pre-TOC unconference.

Book^2 Camp attendees were impressed with the open-forum setting that brought together people from all areas of publishing — authors, publishers, distributors, programmers, and many others.

Accessibility and HTML5 highlight TOC day 1

Workshops on publishing standards and HTML5 caught the attention of TOC attendees.

TOC recap: Publishers were very interested in the HTML5 workshop, and the publishing standards took a broad stroke look at the changing scene, including accessibility issues.

Don't forget the readers

Bethanne Patrick on how digital is shaping the reading experience and where ereaders come up short.

There are all sorts of statistics and tech reviews related to digital publishing, but what do readers think? Bethanne Patrick, book critic and owner of Book Maven Media, brings us up to speed on how consumers are responding to the digital shift.

Aggregation apps respond to consumer personalization demands

Flipboard and other apps aggregate content in a user-friendly style. But are publishers on board?

Gathering a flurry of news content into one neat and orderly place is nothing new, but recent app releases and new announcements show developers are embracing the user-specific demands of the consumer. Whether publishers go along with these apps is another matter.

What if a book is just a URL?

A software company and an Australian bookstore are experimenting with books in the cloud.

Australian indie bookstore Readings is in full experiment mode with a cloud-based pay-for-access model. Software and ebook files don't play a role — everything is done through the browser.