"TOC Frankfurt" entries

TOC Frankfurt launches with a global ebook market survey

Free report: "The Global eBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections"

"The Global eBook Market" survey examines how the main drivers of digital change in the publishing industry impact emerging ebook markets across Europe, Brazil and China.

Mindset over matter

Timo Boezeman on the digital transition of a centuries-old analog industry.

In this interview, A.W. Bruna's Timo Boezeman talks about things going right and things going wrong in the digital transition and what publishers should be doing differently. He says the biggest hurdle publishers must overcome is their mindset.

Giving kids access to almost any book in the world

Elizabeth Wood on Worldreader's work to improve literacy in the developing world.

For many kids, Worldreader provides the only opportunity they may have to access books. In this interview, Worldreaders' Elizabeth Wood explains how ereaders and access can make a difference.

The agile upside of XML

Anna von Veh and Mike McNamara on the benefits of XML and the tech-driven future of publishing.

Frankfurt TOC presenters Anna von Veh, a consultant at Say Books, and Mike McNamara, managing director at Araman Consulting Ltd & Outsell-Gilbane UK Affiliate, discuss xml workflows, the (sorry) state of ebook design, and how books and the web will evolve.