"toc sneak peek" entries

MagAppZine's goal: From PDF to app in about 15 minutes

MagAppZine looks to make mobile app creation easier for publishers.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Paul Canetti, founder of MagAppZine, a platform that allows publishers to create custom apps. Here, Canetti talks about starting the company and the benefits he sees for publishers.

Multitouch and the quest to make ereaders more flexible than paper

Pinch. Flip. Curate? LiquidText brings multitouch control to content.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Craig Tashman, founder and CEO of LiquidText, a multitouch software solution for digital marginalia and content manipulation. Here, Tashman talks about how the company got started and how it might change ereading.

Sign up for two important (and free) TOC webcasts

Find out what publishing startups are up to and what ereader customers really want.

A handful of publishing startups will show off their products on May 31, and Kobo's Michael Tamblyn looks at what ereader customers really want on June 2. Registration for both webcasts is free.

A premium layer for web-based content

ValoBox looks to make premium (and locked) content accessible.

By removing the "hoops, headaches, and hangovers" of traditional online book buying, CompletelyNovel co-founders Anna Lewis and Oliver Brooks hope their company new company, ValoBox, will streamline ebook consumption.