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Open XML API for O'Reilly Metadata

In addition to Bookworm, O'Reilly Labs now includes an RDF-based API into all of O'Reilly's books: Most publishers are familiar with the ONIX standard for exchanging metadata about books among trading partners. Anyone who's actually spent time working with ONIX knows that its syntax is abstruse at best. While ONIX does use XML, there are more modern, more general, and…

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At TOC: Video from Yesterday's Kindle Announcement

Courtesy of Phil Torrone at makezine.com, here's video from yesterday's Kindle announcement:…

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At TOC: Bookworm Online EPUB Reader Now Part of O'Reilly Labs

Update: There are now 400+ shiny DRM-free EPUB books from O'Reilly if you want to give Bookworm a test drive. Much of what's on our complete list with a green "E" next to it is available in EPUB and is Bookworm-friendly (the rest is just PDF for now, but you'll get the EPUB as a free update when it's available)….

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At TOC: Drawing for Pre-loaded Sony Reader Signed by Tim O'Reilly

Sony has kindly donated a PRS-700 for the TOC Conference, and to celebrate crossing the 400-title milestone for titles available as eBook bundles today, we're giving it away, pre-loaded with as many of them as I can fit on an 8GB SD card in EPUB format, and signed by Tim O'Reilly.

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Safari Books Online Goes Mobile

Mobile SafariLike much of the publishing world, I’m eager to hear about Amazon’s latest version of the Kindle. But that’s not the only news today. I’m sitting here at TOC and talking to John Chodacki from Safari Books Online and, with a smile on his face, he’s showing me beta version of m.safaribooksonline.com. The smile is well deserved. It looks great, it’s fast, and I love the stripped-down navigation and lack of clutter.

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TOC 2009 (Almost) Sold Out!

The 2009 TOC Conference, starting tomorrow in New York, is now Sold Out almost sold out. We rearranged some of the seating to make room for a few more. Get in before we really sell out. It's encouraging to see so much excitement about the future, despite the challenges of the present. Stay tuned to this blog throughout the week…

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