"tocwir" entries

Publishing News: Goodreads chases the recommendation Holy Grail

A new kind of book recommendation appears at Goodreads and HTML5 had a very big week in the media world.

Goodreads put its Discovereads purchase to good use. Also, Hearst and The Boston Globe are doubling down on HTML5.

Publishing News: Apple shifts on subs

Apple softens its subscription position, metadata could improve academic searches, and ebooks offer a new purpose for edits.

In the latest Publishing News: Readability's co-founder Richard Ziade offers his take on Apple's policy reversal, Creative Commons and the Association of Educational Publishers delve into web search, and Pete Meyers takes a look at the art of editing in storytelling.

Publishing News: Rebooting online news presentation

Ben Huh has a fling with news, checking in on the Twitter archive, and readers can now fund authors directly.

In the latest Publishing News: Ben Huh dishes on news organizations moving in the right direction; one year later, the Library of Congress' Twitter Archive is still being built; and the Unbound.co.uk publishing platform launched with some big-name authors.

Publishing News: Curation for the Kindle

Curated Kindle content, digital lessons from a web documentary, and the pursuit of concise categorization.

In the latest Publishing News: Dave Pell describes his new Delivereads project, Pete Meyers says "Welcome to Pine Point" is innovative and plain lovely to look at, and Open Library's George Oates discusses how a minimum viable record might work.

Publishing News: How to improve ebook marginalia

Improving ebook note tools, ask for data and you'll get it, the ABA partners with On Demand Books

Pete Meyers suggests ways to improve ebook note-taking tools, publishers can actually get consumer data from Apple, and the American Booksellers Association wants its member stores to have Espresso Book Machines.

Bookish Techy Week in Review

Contrarian views on ereading's merits, Google Editions still MIA, and new interactive apps from Lonely Planet and Gourmet.

This week we noticed: the Chronicle of Higher Ed worrying about ereading's effects on youth, while a Harris poll suggested ereaders read more; fall showed up but Google Editions did not; the ECPA doesn't do a lot to protect privacy in the cloud; certain libraries are lending things they probably shouldn't be; and TOC Frankfurt is just around the corner.