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Ignite Boston 4 – Tonight!

Ignite Boston 4 is this Thursday at the Hooley House in the Faneuil Hall area of Boston from 6:00 pm until ~10:00.

Ignite Boston 3 – Next week

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Velocity preview at Web2.0 Expo

At the Web2.0 Expo this month we have a small preview of some of the topics and speakers at the Velocity Web Performance & Operations conference.  (Radar readers get a 20% discount by using “vel08js” as a discount code… and yes it works with the $300 early registration discount!). Failure HappensFriday @ 11:00 am, Room 2009 Artur Bergman and I…

Getting the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain Up and Running

Tomorrow at 10 am pacific time, oreilly.com is hosting a free webcast with Jonathan A. Zdziarski, one of the original hackers of the iPhone and author of iPhone Open Application Development. From the announcement: Jonathan will demonstrate how you can use the iPhone open source tool chain to design third-party software that will run on on both today's iPhones, and…

'Computing in the Cloud' workshop hosted by Princeton University – January 14-15

Marc Hedlund and I will be speaking at the 'Computing in the Cloud' workshop hosted by the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton on January 14-15. The sessions look very interesting and registration is free. Panel 1: Possession and ownership of data – In cloud computing, a provider's data center holds information that would more traditionally have been stored…

Customer Service is the New Marketing

I've written earlier about liking the people and the project at Get Satisfaction, the wisdom-of-the-crowds company for customer service. They do great work and have a fantastic product going. (Note: since my original post, O'Reilly Alphatech Ventures has invested in Satisfaction, and OATV is also an investor in my company, Wesabe. But I'm on the record loving Satisfaction long before…

Ignite SF and Portland

On October 16th we are going to have Ignite SF at the DNA Lounge. There have been twelve speakers selected to give us five minute talks on the geek topic of their choosing. Chicken John the SF mayorial candidate is going to discuss Art and Innovation, Susan Wu is going to explain how being a VC is like an RPG,…

Ignite Boston 2

Summer is flying by and as we usher in fall, we wanted to give all New Englanders a heads-up that we are having a second Ignite Boston.

Ignite Boston!

The first Ignite Boston will be on Thursday, May 31, from 6 to 10 pm at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

Secrets of Mental Math

I don't know what time attendees are showing up for ETech, but if you're coming, and are tempted to skip the opening keynotes for dinner on Monday night, I have a word of advice: whatever you do, don't miss Arthur Benjamin's Secrets of Mental Math. I've seen this talk before, and it is truly amazing and inspiring. And it's so…